CSAT Combat Rack
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The CSAT Combat Rack was designed by Paul Howe and built by Tactical Tailor. The CSAT Combat Rack was designed with the idea of being prepared and able to act quickly. The CSAT Combat Rack easily fits over armor for a quick assembly of necessary assault equipment. The CSAT Combat Rack also allows an operator to transfer to a slick load out for mission specific capabilities such as tube targets or sniper deployment. The CSAT Combat Rack is built in America.




•Ambidextrous right or left hand design

•Will support 1 or 2 Pistols

•Will support 5.56, 7.62 x 39, .308 mags

•All straps are adjustable

•Pistol Pouches support double stacked mags, Leatherman/flashlights

•Bottom Pouch supports medical supplies or survival Kit

•Great for assaulters over vest, snipers, vehicle work, etc.

CSAT Combat Rack

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