About Us

CSAT Tactical Shooting Supply LLC is a tactical gear supply store. The store is based at 3615 Press Rd. in Nacogdoches Texas. The company also manages www.csattss.com. CSAT TSS started in the fall of 2013 and is growing in the number of products available.


CSAT TSS was started by several local law enforcement officers with the intent to provide quality equipment to students who attend training classes at CSAT. (Combat Shooting and Tactics). We also provide all CSAT swag for student souvenirs and representation. CSAT is well known through the tactical community which led to many students walking through the doors of CSAT TSS. The amount of students with many different forms of equipment also confirmed CSAT TSS's business plan which is to expose the good and bad amongst tactical equipment.


With that, CSAT TSS has strived to sort through the many different styles of equipment and only offer the items we would be willing to carry into our prospective fields of operation. The testing and evaluating is conducted utilizing the experiences of Paul Howe, CSAT staff and reviews of operators in the field. We realize that all people are different and that some may prefer one product over another which is why we evaluate items the way we do. Our goal is to provide honest critiques ranging from durability to practicality. Simply stated, no matter the color nor the amount of Velcro it consists of, if it does not improve the way you operate without sacrificing your core principals, you don't need it.


End game for CSAT TSS is to have an operator walk into the store or visit the web site with no gear and be able to leave with all the essential equipment needed to operate efficiently.